September 7, 2015

só alegria



Ai minha nossa! I finally received my birthday package and it was better than anything I was expecting! Muito Obrigada!!!!!!

This week was interesting too... I was in divisions again with sister Lopes, and everything weird that could happen did. But that's how it always is with her haha! Including the fact that as we were trying to find the house of an investigator, we ended up being invited to speak at a spiritualist meeting!! hahahaha! It was a cool opportunity to share our beliefs and I think that at least 5 people will go look at the church website!! And what's even better is that we found Sister Lopes' investigator there and he came to church the day after:) He'll be baptized next week!

Something that I've been able to notice being a missionary is the care that Heavenly Father has for each of His children. Really, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes you sent and even more, thank you for the motivation. Heavenly Father really does answer prayers. And He answers them mainly through other people. There's a talk that President Eyring gave at the last conference that he talked about the Comforter, being the Holy Ghost, and that as members of the church we have duty to care for the people in our lives (Mosiah 18:8-9). I'm so glad that I can be here on a mission to do this work, and I'm so grateful for those who help me too.💚 My ward is the best ward.

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