June 29, 2015

here comes the sun

So this week everyone was a little under the weather. And when i say everyone I mean the entire zone got sick this week...

"I got better!"

Other than that everything's all good here. One of our investigators, Reneide, will be getting married soon and her only dream is to be married and baptized on the same day! She left the hospital a couple weeks ago after 2 heart attacks and yesterday insisted on walking to church. Haha I love her!

This week we have transfers and so I'll let you know next week if I've moved areas. I hope not though, because I love Gramoré. I won't lie, this area has been a little difficult, but I feel like I've learned a lot in trusting Heavenly Father. So with that, everything will always turn out okay:)

Love you all a whole lot.
-Sister Pace

Galatians 6:11 sorry my emails are short.
1 Thessalonians 5:25 por favor.

p.s. the thumb thing in some of my photos means BATISMO. :D

photos: me and me cute companion;) and the festa junina that our neighbors threw until 5am. Whoo. Hoo.

June 22, 2015

são joão e salvação

Ahhhhhh this week was craaazy!

1) Sister Cieslak came from Potengi and was on a division with us and so we were in trio this week. Which was really fun. I like being in trio. 2) As we were looking through the area book we found Karol who is 14 years old who was already marked for baptism,but she moved and the sisters that were teaching her before were transferred. The crazy part is that as we were looking for an address of another person we ran into Karol. It was more like she found us. We taught her and said that she wanted to be baptized! And after a bunch of running around this week everything fell into place and we had the baptism of Karol yesterday:)
3) It was the stake Festa Junina esta semana! We ate churrasco, listened to a forro in the street, and ate more macaxeira:) It was really fun:)

This week was seriously insane, but in the midst of everything looking like its going wrong, it was obvious that Heavenly Father had His plan. Just have hope, do what's right, and look for the blessings because they're always there.

so much love,
sister pace

June 8, 2015

um email rapidão

I'll just give a quick update.

This week started well, got really rough, and then ended well. We had a mini division and so Sister Cieslak stayed with me in Gramoré for 2 days and it was super great. We were able to mark 4 baptisms and so now it's just running around doing whatever we can to help these people stay on track. Sister G Silva and I are doing really well too. She helps me in the areas where I'm lacking and I help her too. 

I love you a whole lot.
Só batiza.

-sister pace

photo: because my family is great and they send my things

June 1, 2015

just keep swimming...

bom diaaa!

So these past two weeks have been a whirlwind. Seriously. We had transfers again and Sister J Silva was transferred and Sister G Silva arrived! She has about 2 months in the mission and so yep I'm senior companion and finishing her training. I feel like I barely finished my 12 weeks of training and here I am! AHHH. But it's all good. My companion is great:) She's from Rio de Janeiro and proud of it haha and we're way excited to see some major success here in Gramoré! We already are, now that we are working more with families of some recent converts and less actives in our ward.

But, sometimes in life you're cruisin' thinking all is good and Heavenly Father knows that you're needing a wake up call so everything turns upside down all at once, but what I'm learning is that at the same time he turns everything upside down, He always provides the way to make things right again.

Cool things that happened this week:
-I (kind of) learned how to play a berimbau. The instrument that people play in capoeira. Muito legal;)
-We had a zone conference with Elder Mazzagardi from the quorum of the seventy. It was super powerful!!
-It was stake conference this weekend too! Our stake president spoke directly to the youth in our stake about using cellphones during sacrament meeting. LOL #burn

love you all!
-sister pace

photo: eu e sister G Silva na conferência