September 21, 2015

a colheita

Hey friends.

This week was weird and good, but every week is weird and good, so...
Anyway, this week Sister Guimarãres, the elders in our branch, and I were able to work with some members to find less active members that live here in Pombal. And then Saturday we had a multirão (don't know how to say it in English), or an activity were a bunch of members meet in the chapel and we divide to go make a bunch of visits and have dinner afterward;) It was a great success! We had branch conference yesterday and 4 investigators came, 3 of them came by themselves!! One of them being a woman that we invited to church one time a long, long time ago. And so this was a little confirmation of the parable that I mentioned last week. 

The Seed Of The Gospel Grows Secretly Folks.

I love you all soooooooo much. Sorry my emails are kind of lame sometimes.

Com amor,
sister pace

photo: with some recent converts Leticia and Leandro:)

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