September 14, 2015

paz, não temais


This week we were able to see a few ups and downs, but that's how life is right? The week started out good and we watched almost every inhabitant in Pombal march in front of our apartment for the September 7th parade (Brasil's independence day) which was cool. We also started to teach a woman, Graça and her 11 year old daughter Geane this week. As we were teaching she said that for a few years now she had been waiting for God to send her a sign to help her go back to church and then the missionaries arrived;) that's the up, and the down is that she wants to return to the Assembleia de Deus now. Chorei um pouco... but we're not giving up. When someone is so prepared like they are, the adversary works just as hard as we do! Good thing we're on the winning team;)

This week I've been studying more of Jesus the Christ and reading about the parables, and being someone who is easily fascinated with nature, I love every comparison in the bible with seeds, trees, the sea, etc.... so i liked reading this week about the parable of the seed growing secretly (Mark 4:26-29) it's comforting to know that every effort we make to share the gospel is never in vain. We just won't always be the ones that collect the fruits.

I love you all. Spread the gospel.
-sister pace

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