February 16, 2015

semana beleza

While you were all celebrating Valentine's day in the US we are here celebrating Carnaval. Haha and by that I mean all the stores are closed and everyone went to the beach this week. Normally we have about 90 people in our ward, but yesterday at church we had 24. lol. That's okay because Francisco was baptized yesterday!! I love him! He's the sweetest and most humble man I've met here and he was finally baptized! whoo hoo! He has such a sweet spirit about him and I don't know how to describe it, but I can feel my love for my family growing when I see the love he and his family have for each other. How amazing it is that with any circumstance, and the people here live in all different types of circumstances, the gospel of Jesus Christ will always bring peace, comfort and joy. :)

Also this week we helped plan a birthday party with a member family in our ward for their 6 year old son. We picked guava - I think that's what they're called in English - and then made like a thousand brigadeiros. Look them up if you don't know what they are:) 

And at this very moment there are about 10 guys in the street with drums and then 2-3 guys in big costumes made of tons of pieces of fabric that are parading through the neighborhood for Carnaval:) Haha I can't help but laugh sometimes at how odd this sounds to write, but how normal it is for me now...

I love you and don't ever forget it.
-sis pace

Fun facts:
  • Sister Cunha made it to her 1 year mark so we celebrated with açai and forró!
  • I herded more frogs out of our house this week.
  • Cashews are actually in the stem of the fruit. Not inside.
  • The talk "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" from the most recent General Conference is really, really good and you ought to go and read it.

February 9, 2015

famílias eternas & frogs

Okay, first I’m going to apologize if my last emails haven't been making a lot of sense. I get really nervous with the one hour of email time and then I tend to write some nonsense...and it probably will continue...oops.

 Anyway, this week was a little odd for us because 1) sister Cunha wasn't feeling good 2) it rained like craaaazy on Wednesday! Like we are talking Second Coming kind of rain in Mossoró of all places! So our work was a little bit hindered this week, but our faith wasn't!!!! We have been teaching Francisco who is the grandfather of our recent convert Myllenna and he is amazing. We had a little worry with him this week because he said he didn't like church on Sunday because it was hard to understand what was going on, but when we went to talk with him with Myllenna she bore the sweetest testimony of how even though going to church for her was scary at first, she knew it was right and she kept going. I'm still amazed every day at how quickly the people we teach gain testimonies. Myllenna, who when we first were teaching her DID NOT want to offer the prayer because she was always so nervous, but now after bearing her testimony for her grandfather she offered one of the sweetest prayers to end our lesson. I'll admit, I did start to tear up a little bit, Francisco and Myllenna definitely did tear up a little too. And he's ready to keep going:) He wasn't baptised yesterday because he was feeling sick, but definitely next week. And our other investigator Acasiano, who we haven't been able to contact all week, came to church by himself!! Ahh MILAGRES! 

 Like always, I love you all so much and I want you all to know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing in this world will ever bring more happiness and joy to our lives than the knowledge that He Lives and is always there for each one of us. I'm eternally grateful for this. 

 -sister pace 

 p.s. rain means frogs EVERYWHERE. so. many. frogs. Also, in response to your questions the sideways thumbs up is our hand sign for baptism!! BATISMO!!

February 2, 2015

tem que trabalhar

So, these past couple weeks have been great:) we had the baptism of Larissa last week and the baptism of Marina, her younger sister, and Vandrique yesterday, who is Max's younger brother. Families in the gospel whoohoo!! Also, we are helping Max and Vandrique's parents become legally married so they can be living the law of chastity and be baptized too!! yaya!

This week we had interviews with our mission president. We talked about how I’m doing and then we were talking about the Attributes of Christ chapter in Preach my Gospel and I’ve really been thinking this week about how to be a better missionary. So who better to learn how to be a better missionary than from Christ who was the greatest? 
te amo e sou muito grata por todos de vocês!
-sister pace