April 20, 2015

love at first sight

It happened!

I was transferred this week!! Now I am here in Zona Pajuçara, which is like 20 minutes from Natal in the Gramoré ward. My companion is Sister J Silva:) I already heard loads about her from Sister Cunha because they are from the same ward in São Paulo:) And oh my gosh I love her! We are opening the area which means we are both new to the area, and we are both just in love with how gorgeous it is here, the beautiful capela, our ward, our district and zone, and seriously our investigators who are soooooo prepared for the gospel!! Haha we can't find anything bad!! It's just us two in a really big area, but we are so excited to work here:)

We already have an investigator that has made some visits to church and he watched general conference. We taught the restauração with him and really invited him to read and pray about the Livro de Mórmon for him to really receive and answer. When we visited with him the next day he told us that he wants to join the true church and he's feeling something special when he reads and prays, but his family doesn't support him and he's worried about how he'll have to continue alone. He had a million questions about our families and how we knew the church is true. We are really so excited and a little worried at the same time for him because we know how hard the adversary works on people trying to find the path and stay on it. But I'm confident that he'll receive the help he needs:) Só ora!! 

Some other funny things that happened this week:

Here in Pajuçara the buses and cars move a lot faster that Mossoró. When we were walking with our district to get açai and elder in my district started to cross the street and didn't see the bus turning and technically he got hit by the bus, but it was more like he bumped shoulders with a bus. He's completely fine, but my heart stopped. haha sister J Silva and I laugh every time we see a bus now. Beware of buses in big cities...

Also, I received a kiss on the cheek from a 30 something year old man that we contacted in the street. Yeah I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time...But his parents visited the church yesterday, so there's the plus side!!

amo vocês!
-sister pace

the view from our apartment (you can see the point of the capela!)
our capela

I'll send more pictures next week!!!

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