January 5, 2015



Como vocês estão? This week was-hallelujah-more normal than the weeks previous. That's not saying much because we had zone conference and new years and this and that....

Anyway, we finally had the baptism of Ivete this week along with Mateus who is 14 and crazy tall! It was the best day of this week:) Imagine the Spirit that was there as a 95 year old woman was baptized by her grandson and then the non member family of Mateus waited there afterward to hug her. I can't even describe just how happy the whole thing was! 

I've been studying about charity lately. Charity is the pure love of Christ and it's seriously one of the only things that gets me through the days here because now matter how little of the language you know (I've come a long way with port. though..) everyone understands charity and love. And my companion, the members in our ward, and investigators show it. So I'm grateful for that.

-sister Pace

Love you all and I'm sending more photos today!

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