January 12, 2015

Bom Dia

This week was great. Really and totally just great.
So I have a story. My first week here Sister Cunha and I kept trying to visit this guy Sansão that I'd never met and had received all the lessons, but he was never home when we stopped by. We eventually stopped going over there. BUT Friday we were walking in the favela tracting and Sister Cunha, really excited, starts talking to this man and I finally ask his name. SANSÂO! Then right there on the spot we go over the baptismal questions, tell him that he has an interview the next day and, bam. We had a baptism yesterday. It was so great. And during the baptismal service I was thinking about how fast this all had happened and how I was having a hard time adjusting to the rate of the work that we do here, but I think I've finally figured  out a good comparison. So you know how in the Book of Mormon it talks about Alma preaching the gospel and how all these people accepted and like 3,000 people are baptized in one day? It's like that exactly here. All these people are so prepared for the gospel and more than that, they are ready to act on their faith. I love it.
In other news it's been raining in Mossoró which...doesn't happen. So make sure you close your doors so no frogs come in!

Well I want you to know again this week that love each and every one of you. I hope you have lovely week:)
te amo
-sis pace
this photo is me, Sansão, Leomar (ward member), and sister Cunha

Sansão is hilarious. He knows basically everyone in our area and he was so happy to meet the ward.

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