May 18, 2015

eita gloria;)

Hi everyone!

This week was really good. and last week was too haha, but now I'm finally writing...

Mother's Day was wonderful! I loved talking to my family because man oh man I love my family! This week was really good too because Sister J Silva and I have been working really hard on being super diligent!! I feels so good to really work with a purpose. Also, it was Sis J Silva's birthday this week so maybe we ate a loooot of açai and had a party!! Some super amazing members from the ala Boa Esperança made a cake and dinner for everyone in our zone;) It was super great.

Also this week we went on splits with some young women from a different ward. We left to go visit Kenya, a neighbor of Carlos, one of our eternal investigators, and when we got there everyone came inside to listen (Score!) We taught a powerful lesson on the Restoration. Kenya, who had a thousand doubts about the church, started to cry as we taught about Joseph's first vision and it was one of those moments that I could feel that it wasn't really my words. This transfer has been a little rough without any baptisms, or really people that are keeping their promises to come to church, pray, etc., especially when we're trying to be so diligent, but I feel really grateful for the moments that I am just so sure of the truth we are teaching.

Much love and açai,
Sister Pace

minha querida companheira

a part of my zone and our birthday party for sister J Silva

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