March 30, 2015

He is risen! Ele ressuscitou!

Hey everybody,

i just wanted to send a quick email to let you all know that first, I'm doing great:) second, our little investigator Francimara (the younger sister of some members in our ward) was baptized yesterday, third and most important that this is the week of Easter. The week of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I always loved Easter because we were always with family and I love tulips and there's a special peace that comes this time of year. But really above all, this peace comes from our Savior. This is the time of year that we really remember not only that He died for us, but that He Lives again for us.

This is a link to a video that explains why the Atonement of Jesus Christ that happened so long ago is still just as important yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever for all of us. 

and here it is in Portuguese too;)

com muito amor
sister pace

p.s. general conference is this week! everybody go watch!

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