December 15, 2014

Mossoró é abençoada

What a crazy couple weeks it's been!! Sorry everyone for not writing, but it's been insane 

So I left the CTM last week and it was weird. I'd been in the CTM for so long that it almost started to feel like that was my mission. But seriously, I left at 2 in the morning for Natal with one other Elder from my district. All of us arrived in Natal and oh my gosh it's hot. We met our mission president and his wife and got paired with our new companions. My companion, Sister Cunha is from São Paulo and she is the greatest. We had dinner with Presidente Soares in their apartment and then stayed the night in the sister’s casa in Natal. The next morning we rode to Mossoró. I thought Natal was hot... Mossoró is seriously in the middle of nowhere hotter than anything. This last week has been so crazy because being here is unlike anything I've ever experienced. The area I'm in is one of the poorest too. We teach everyday in the favelas by our house and our house is one step up from being a favela. The amazing thing though is the people. EVERYONE has faith in Christ. Everyone is really kind as well, even the drunk guys. Everyone wants to follow Christ and so we invite basically everyone we talk to be baptized. And almost everyone says yes. They are so ready to follow Him and it's so obvious how the Spirit works in touching their hearts. Another way the Spirit works is the fact that I'm speaking Portuguese with everyone!!! I've even had a couple people ask me if I'm from the south of Brasil. SCORE. Anyway, Mossoró é abençoada. Mossoró is blessed. The people here are the kindest, friendliest, and most willing people I've ever met. They have nothing, but they'll give you anything. Especially the members in our ward that feed us everyday and seriously just LOVE the sisters so much. I love them so much. Anyway, I'm out of time, but I love you all so much. I hope most of you are enjoying the snow because I miss it so much right now in the middle of this burning heat!

Tchau meu queridos!!

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