November 17, 2014

What is Life?!! Going to BRAZIL!


My visa came! Tomorrow morning I'm leaving the Provo MTC for Sao Paulo at 6am! I'm so excited, like SO EXCITED! I'm going to miss the Portugal sisters in my district who are staying here because they have gotten me through this visa and upside down craziness, but I'm excited to leave with basically our entire district and be reunited with my homies in Brazil!! 

So I was having a hard time figuring out why I needed to stay here one extra week and I know it's a thousand different things! Sister Anaya and I taught some amazing lessons on the Restoration and baptism and I cannot wait to do it for real. Again, the gift of tongues is no joke. (Portuguese speaking family: If we talked right now, we could hold a pretty decent conversation!! How amazing is that?! 3weeks I've been here!! Nossa!) Also, I've just seen a thousand little miracles and lessons that I needed to learn. It's amazing. Missionary work is amazing and I KNOW that exact obedience brings miracles. I love it. 

Haha my email makes this all sound like the craziest, happiest, best thing ever. Let's be honest, a mission is hard, but it is the craziest, happiest, best thing ever too:)

Anyway, eu amo vocês e a Igreja é VERDADEIRA! Sempre!!

-Sister Pace

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