November 11, 2014

Solo Sister

So this week was really fun! We've been teaching  more and our "investigator" that we've been teaching is now our new professora! My MTC teachers are seriously the best! Irmao Gray and Irma Kimball love us sooooo much. Anyway, last p-day after I emailed y'all  was probably the only time I've felt homesick because we went to the temple. My companion was the sweetest though. I've really come to love her sooooooo much, as well as Sister Houskin and Sister Belluomini in my district. It's crazy how fast you come to love people when you are so united in purpose. And what greater purpose than the gospel of Jesus Christ? Sis. Andersen and I have gotten to a point now where we can teach a simple lesson in Portuguese with no script, we love the MTC, we love our district! We heard from a bunch of general authorities this week too, like Sister Bonnie L Oscarson, the Young Women president of the church. She was lovely and talked about how vital having the Spirit is in teaching and that when we bear our testimonies from our hearts no matter how little of the language we know, it will always bring the Spirit. And that is SO true. I am already seeing that in the few lessons we've had!

Now here's the kicker...

Life kind of turns you on you head right when you start to get the hang of things. So yesterday in class with Irmao Gray we got an announcement for 6 people in our districts to go to the travel office. Sisters Andersen, Belluomini, and Houskin, as well as Elders Brailsford, Johnson, and Merrill got their visas and leave tomorrow. I'm heartbroken right now that my companion and friends are leaving, but also pretty honored that the Lord must have something else in store for me right now. There's a pretty good chance that my visa could get here this week and I, as well as a bunch more from our districts, will meet up with our friends in the Sao Paulo MTC. So pray for our visas please:) Right after I got the news I had my interview with Irmao Gray and we talked about how we don't always know what Heavenly Father has planned for us, but we do know that he cares and He is leading us where we need to be. I am SO grateful for every experience I've had here already and I know I am forever changed for the better because of it.

O Evangelho e verdadeiro!

Paz e Bencoes,
Solo Sister Pace

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