November 4, 2014

Conquered the first week at the MTC

Oh my gosh this week has been a whirlwind! I have never felt so busy, tired, and blessed in my entire life. After 6 days here minha companheira and I have taught 3 20min lessons in Portuguese! O Dom de Linguas right here! My companion Sis. Andersen is from Pleasant Grove and she went to BYU. She speaks a bunch of spanish and I can pronounce things well in Portuguese so basically we are a power team at learning this language. We also have the exact same birthday and both worked at the creamery in college! She is going to Riberao Preto. We share a room with sisters Houskin and Belluomini and they are going to freaking Manaus. AKA the Amazon jungle!! I love all of them!!! And we are in a class with 2 districts. All of the elders feel like they are my little brothers! They are hilarious! It's crazy how it hasn't even been a week and I would do anything for any of these people. 

Also, mom, I saw the kid we met in the temple on tuesday, Elder Allred! When I saw him I ran over and asked if he remembered me. Haha he had. I see him everyday now because we study in the same building and have the same gym time and such and such. And I've seen a bunch of friends from high school too! Kate Hales, Justin Brown, Becca Flores, and Isaac Bridge. It's so nice to see people from home:) Not like I've been here that long lol! Anyway, it's kind of a problem that my whole district is going to northern Brazil and it's winter in Provo. I'm freezing, but it's okay.

Besides the cold and all the craziness of the MTC. It's amazing here. In everything I do I see Heavenly Father's hand in my life as I'm doing his work. Me-time doesn't exist on a mission because this is the Lord's time. Eu sei que o evangelho e verdadeiro e o Livro de Mormon e o palavra de Deus. Eu amo meu Salvador e eu sei que a Igreja e verdadeira!!

I love you all! Tchau!
-Sister Pace

My address is:
Sister Terra Pace
2013 N 900 E Unit 352
Provo, UT 84602

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