January 4, 2016

novo ano!

happy new year! feliz ano novo!

this week was great, and even greater because we were able to bring a family to church yesterday! josé and his son mateus and a few other of our investigators came to church and liked it a lot. i love the first sunday of month because miracles happen. it's ridiculously hot here and we had proof of this when a woman who is from campina grande visited our ward and said that she and her husband were praying for the missionaries on saturday because it was EXTREMELY HOT. its always over 100 degrees and i'm living because of a miracle haha.

i've been studying lately, well it's been a while now, about grace. it's after everything that we can so that grace will save us because who really dideverything was Christ. don't give up. keep trying. you're doing better than you think you are:) 

Trying to understand God’s gifof grace with all ourheart and mind gives us all the more reasons to loveand obey our Heavenly Father with meekness andgratitude. As we walk the patof discipleship, it refinesus, it improves us, it helps us to become more like Him,and ileads us back to His presence. “The Spirit of theLord [our God]” brings about such mighty change inus, … that whave no more disposition to do evil, but todo good continually.”
 -pres uchtdorf

love you all a whole lot. thanks for all your love.
-sister pace

my comp and i and the view from our apartment

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