January 18, 2016

doce é o trabalho


so this marks the last week of the transfer and now it's for real, either sister silveira or i will be transferred from caicó. i almost cried a little as i was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday looking at all of the members that i love so much and our sweet investigators that came to church with us. Gloria came to church again. She has made enormous improvement in her faith in God. I loved something that she said this week, that at first she was praying for oblligation, because she had to, but now she's praying because she wants to and she wants an answer from God. It's been such  a pleasure to see her grow and believe and strengthens my testimony even more that Heavenly Father knows us and answers our prayers. 

A couple of fun and less than fun things that have happened recently:
-It's raining like crazy here in Caicó!! That awkward moment when you're in a skirt and have to cross a river of rain/sewer water. The bright side is that everyone else on the street is dancing in the rain too and we invite them to church:) The elders from the other ward saw a refridgerator passing in front of them. #normal

-(Less than fun) It's raining so hard that the gutter pipes above our apartment broke and a bunch of water entered our apartment. Only destroyed our dvd player and flooded our living room, but all our books are safe and dry. #blessed

-An investigator that we are visiting gave us a dessert that looks like a blackish paste. We tried a little and Sister Silveira asked what the name of the dessert was, but i didn't hear. It was kind of good and she gave us more. It was only when we were walking back home that we bumped into a couple members and described this dessert that we just ate. What was it? CHOURICO!! It's made from pig's blood with a bunch of other spices and stuff!!! I ate pig's blood! I just about threw up in the moment. But it's safe to say that I'm stilll alive and well, so I think everything's okay:)

I love you all. Sempre. Shout out to my parents who finished the Book of Mormon together this week! And i hope you all continue reading the Book of Mormon too. If you haven't had the opportunity to pick one up, this is your challenge for the week:)

Also, shout out to everyone who send me cards and letters:) Opening letters is seriously 10x better than birthdays.

com muito amor e gratidão,
sister pace

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