October 19, 2015

Doce é o Trabalho

Meus Queridos,

These last two weeks have been really good for Sister Silveira and I. We've been able to reach our padrão de excelência (mission goals for the week) for the last three weeks so that's cool. But it's been rough at the same time to find investigators who are really progressing. That's life. What i love is that even in the middle of trials and challenges, 

we always manage to find a small miracle. For example, last week we had invited a ton of people to church, but it wasn't certain for any of them to come. We were fasting that sunday and prayed together that we'd see at least 3 of our investigators there and when we arrived we saw that one member brought her sister who's interested in the church and then we saw that another member brought his parents to see a baby blessing. It was perfect<3 It's lovely to see how the Lord works in our lives and how much He truly calls us to help families join together in the gospel.

By small and simple things... Alma 37:6-7

so much love to all of you. thanks for thinking of me:)

sister pace

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