November 16, 2015

deixa a luz do sol entrar

meus amados,

saturday was sister silveira's birthday!!!🎉
these last two weeks have been really special. sister silveira and i have been able to work more and more with the members here in caicó and it's bringing good fruits. one thing that our mission is focusing on is the retention of new members. we have a list of who joined the church in the last year and work hard to make sure they are being well integrated with the ward. when we work with this list of new members we also are able to teach the families of those who were baptized recently and this is how we met Deborah. She is the cousin of a recent convert and i already mentioned her, but now i'm here to say that she was baptized!! She is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! it has been so cool teaching her because she applies all of what we have taught to her life and understands how much God loves her. it just goes to show that Heavenly Father REALLY REALLY REALLY puts us in the right place at the right time when we listen to Him! I am extremely grateful to know Deborah😊

Funny story, we have two new investigators (a couple) that we sitting in front of their house the other night. As we were walking by we gave the usual "boa noite" and kept walking to get to a member's house. After we passed by I heard the man say "she's not brazilian.." and i turned around and returned and explained how i'm not, but i'm getting there;) we ended up talking to them and we had a great conversation, they gave us cake (obrigada nordestinos que recebem tudo mundo!!;)!!) and invited them to church. THEY CAME TO CHURCH. And realized that they have a bunch of friends that are members! and so it goes that we visited them yesterday and now they have a date set for their baptisms!! it all happens so fast and so perfectly. everything fits. i'm excited to see how everything turns out:)

i love you all sempre. i hope you all have a spectacular week and spread the gospel!

p.s. it's extremely hot here. 104 degrees farenheit sometimes 107. and caicó is in a serious drought. pleease pray for rain here! we missionaries are needing it especially to be able to continue walking in the heat every day!!

com amor,
sistem pace

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