November 2, 2015


Meus amados irmaõs,

This week was a week of miracles, alegria, and blessings. First of all, last week we went teaching with our relief society president and she brought us to the house of her sister who is less active and has a step daughter that wasn't a member, but had visited the church a bunch of times. She came to church with us last week as well as a devotional at night. Long story short, we invited her to be baptized, the pathway was paved with gold and we taught her this week. ☀ Juliana was baptized!!☀  The baptismal service was so perfect too:) it's moments like this that make every single thing worth it. But it doesn't end here, also during this week, we went to visit another less active and  when we got there we learned that they had a cousin that would be moving in with them. her name is Deborah and when we returned to talk with her, we invited her to be baptized. People, I'm talking about the Lord's elected. D&C 29:7 <--------- She´s been reading the Book of Mormon and when we prayed with her she thanked Heavenly Father for sending her cousins and us to help her know that she's loved and important to Him. She had the opportunity to watch the baptism of Juliana and loved it. 

We've been soooo incredibly blessed these lst couple of weeks. It's true that God knows what we need and what we are capable of. 

Love you all.

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